Apply for TFW 2014

We're happy to announce that Designer Applications are now available for Tucson Fashion Week 2014. TFW is an incredible annual event that provides an opportunity for designers and brands to showcase their work to consumers, buyers, and industry leaders in a professional and vibrant setting .

Participating in platforms like TFW that showcase their work and encourage designers to challenge themselves creatively is an important part of any designer's growth. At Tucson Fashion Week, designers will also have the unique opportunity to show their designs on the same runways as seasoned professionals. Imagine your clothes stomping down the same catwalk as Betsey Johnson's!

Fashion presentations are also an integral part of this event. Presentations are such an important part of fashion. They create an intimacy not found on the runway and they also help designers to expand their ideas of how to showcase their collections. Presentations capture the true heart of fashion, a partnership between the arts, setting, music, and of course, design. Bringing these elements together to make a cohesive presentation is in and of itself a piece of art.

Tucson Fashion Week offers you a chance to elevate your work by showcasing in a dynamic and refined setting while staying true to the colorful, warm spirit of Tucson. Download your application here to be a part of this year's amazing event.

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