TFW 2014 Presentation Designers

Top Left - Esteban Osuna returns to Tucson Fashion Week after a stunning presentation at TFW 2013. Esteban focuses on designing couture, adding beading, print, and a fusion of European and Wild West inspirations to his designs. Esteban uses Swarovski crystals to add beauty and elegance to his unique gowns. At a young age he had a knack for art. He enrolled in the Art Institute of Tucson and since then has worked with many experienced professionals and has participated in local fashion events.

Top Right - Fashion designer DeAnna Williams is in the pursuit of her happiness. Soon to be graduating the Art Institute of Tucson in September of 2015. DeAnna is inspired by music, art, and most of all her culture. As a young girl she was always fascinated with the fact that she could manipulate a piece of cloth into what she wanted it to be. It soon became her full time hobby and eventually blossomed into a fervent array of designing with an emphasis on women's plus size fashion. 

Bottom Left - Dorota Zglobicka is a Polish fashion designer who has recently moved to Tucson. Theo Doro clothes and accessories are manufactured with great care -- unique, unrepeatable, unquotable. They are graceful in shape, comfortable in fit -- silk, cotton, viscose, jacquard, cotton ribbon, organza ribbon, and cotton lace gives a dainty finish. Theo Doro is inspired by fairy tales, films and the history of fashion. There is always a story behind her collections. Zglobicka is also currently working on developing a menswear line.

Bottom Right - Heather A. Lindquist, designer of label TONATIUH,  began working on her line while pregnant a few years ago, and that inspired her to use her son’s middle name, meaning Sun in the Aztec language of Nauhtl. Made here in the United States, the collection is designed for travel, comfort, and simple sophistication. Heather strongly believes in supporting our economy by producing her pieces locally. Lindquist’s new Fall 2014 line is inspired by her recent travels to New Zealand, which will be reflected in her color scheme.

Don't miss their fabulous presentations at the Tucson Botanical Gardens on October 17th for the TFW Garden Party. Purchase your tickets here!

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