Mila Hermanovski in Dallas

We had a chance to meet up with designer Mila Hermanovski at her trunk show at the Piermarini Boutique in Dallas, TX last Friday. After browsing a few of her sleek modern designs in cool black and shades of grey, we sat down with Mila and discussed what she has planned for the TFW Project Runway Showcase on October 18th. 

After studying fashion design and freelancing in New York, Mila worked in costuming for television and film for several years. She credits her time at Project Runway for showing her that design was her true passion and she has been hard at work growing her own label ever since. 

Art and architecture are her greatest inspirations. "The view out of my studio window" inspired her Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Mila says. She watched as a building was torn down and rebuilt and drew creative inspiration from this structural rebirth. 

Her Spring 2015 collection, from which she will be pulling pieced for her TFW show, was inspired by the Dada and Bauhaus movements in art. She says that her new collection is a "play on shape and form" with a touch of whimsy, but stays true to her minimalist aesthetic.

Don't miss Mila Hermanovski's collection at the Project Runway Showcase at Tucson Fashion Week. Buy your tickets here.

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