Project Arizona Featured Runway Designers

On October 18th, Tucson Fashion Week will present Project Arizona, a unique runway show that showcases the work of three exceptionally talented local designers. Find out more about TFW's three Project Arizona Featured Runway Designers below.

Images via Magnetic Threads
Meggen Connolley of Magnetic Threads is TFW 2013's Betsey's Choice Award winner. Meggen has been designing since March of 2012. Her primary inspiration is creating "form from something formless, creating structured art through geometric shapes." Meggen channels feminine power and beauty in her designs, and sees her lack of formal training as an asset allowing her to combine fabrics and shapes in innovative ways. Living amidst the powerful beauty of the Arizona desert and mountains (Meggen lives and creates in Bisbee, AZ) has taught her to channel "an endless stream of creative energy." 

Meggen says that her capsule collection for TFW 2014 is her best one to date. She has used her knack for interesting fabric combinations to create more structured garments. Her collection, Spiritual Warrior, "embodies the strength and beauty of the feminine spirit."

You can find more Magnetic Threads at Meggen's shop in Bisbee, in Beverly Hills at Shop-Enter, and in Los Gatos, CA. You can also visit her website for more of her looks. 

Images via Loreto Echevarria 
Loreto Echevarria of Lolo Chic has been designing for as long as she can remember. She says,  "When I look at any aspect of design, I always like to imagine what it would look like with my own spin on it." Her primary inspiration for her designs is the fabric itself. She lets the texture and color of the fabric speak to her. Her style icons Andy Warhol, Coco Chanel, and Frida Kahlo also serve as major design inspirations. And let's not forget how inspiring Tucson itself is to Loreto. She says that the "cool, edgy, eclectic and traditional" mix of styles in Tucson offer an endless source of inspiration.

Loreto's designs are created to inspire confidence. Their "effortless elegance" and flattering designs make them suitable for all body types. And her new collection for TFW 2014 is all about confidence. "If there was a style super hero," says Loreto, "my collection would be her wardrobe." Its geared towards women who aren't afraid to be bold and dramatic.

Lolo Chic designs are custom made, so you can schedule a private consultation with Loreto at her website.

Images via Estrella Sevilla
Estrella Sevilla showed a fashion presentation at TFW 2013 and has been busy every since! After taking a summer fashion design course at the prestigious Central St. Martins in London in 2011, Estrella enrolled at the Art Institute in Tucson for a BA in Fashion Design. Estrella was initially inspired to design as a response to the struggle to find clothes for herself because of her height. Once she started designing, however, she no longer wanted to design just for herself and now she thrives on creating clothes for others. Art, music, and even abstract objects feed her creativity. 

When asked what she has planned for TFW 2014, Estrella says, "This collection is like nothing I have done before; it is a combination of the expressionism art movement and minimalism. I will be showing clean silhouettes and texture. I am going for a dark/goth look but [also] sophisticated and elegant."

Estrella is open to creating custom pieces for those interested in purchasing her designs. She is also currently working on launching an online store and hopes to have it up in early 2015. You can see more of Estrella's designs on her website

Don't miss the Project Arizona Runway Show on October 18th at the Fox Theatre. Purchase your tickets here and here
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Sounds like it was an awesome event. Sorry I missed it. Is this going to be a yearly event or was it just a one time runway thing? I know my daughter would love to go if they have it again next year.