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We recently had the chance to speak with Stephanie Bermudez, the Community Director at Connect Coworking, the new premiere coworking space in Downtown Tucson and one of TFW 2014's locations and sponsor. We found out more about this unique and modern workspace and what it will mean for Tucson's future.

The concept for Connect Coworking started about two and a half years ago and was inspired by a desire to do something with the Historic Rialto Building, which had been vacant for a very long time. After much research into the burgeoning field of coworking and a partnership with a coworking space in Phoenix, the beta site of Connect Coworking was born in the summer of 2013.

Coworking is the concept of entrepreneurs and creatives working together in a shared workspace. The idea really took off about eight years ago, growing from its San Francisco roots into a global movement that is changing the modern work place. Now, that idea has made a home for itself in the most vibrant intersection in Tucson's historic downtown.

Connect Coworking opened its doors this year, with Phase 1 opening on June 1st followed by Phase 2 on July 7th and finally the opening of the work-lab space at the beginning of September. This dynamic working environment mixes modern convenience and style perfectly with the historic charm and character of the Rialto building. Connect Coworking is committed to driving economic traffic to Tucson and does so by creating a vibrant workspace that fills the needs of creatives in the "live, work, play, stay" district of downtown.

With its memorable typewriter wall, repurposed materials that capture the years of history of the Rialto building, superman booths (small, private meeting rooms perfect for smaller brainstorming sessions), and 24-7 access, Connect Coworking is a place that will make you excited about going to work. With a super-fast fiber network, state-of-the-art Apple products, and a stellar security network, you can be sure that all your business needs will be met in style.

Connect Coworking offers many other benefits to its members. It has a tiered membership program that is flexible enough for you to find the perfect work-space to meet your needs. And with access to the exclusive event space in the historic Rialto courtyard, you'll be able to achieve more visibility and promote your business with private events in a stunning new setting with deep cultural roots. Access to this event space is just one of the many perks of being a member at Connect Coworking.

All photos by Sofia C. Huggins

Tucson Fashion Week's Launch Party and Design Competition will take place at Connect Coworking on Thursday, October 16th. Buy your tickets for this amazing event here!

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