Featured Retailer: Buffalo Exchange

 We got a chance to check out the fabulous Buffalo Exchange trailer a few weeks ago and to speak with Buffalo Exchange about their amazing business and some of the special things they have planned for Tucson Fashion Week 2014. 

Check out the interview below!

 1. Can you tell me a little bit about Buffalo Exchange? What makes it such a unique shopping experience?

Buffalo Exchange is a resale store where you can buy, sell, or trade new and recycled clothing for men and women. The clothing is bought from and recycled back into the community in an affordable fashion. Buffalo Exchange is one of the only places you can shop just one clothing rack and find everything from Banana Republic to Alexander Wang. Plus you can buy designer items and every day basics without breaking the bank. Buffalo Exchange has something for everyone, from specialized vintage, fun trendy clothing, and just quality mall brands. No matter what your style, you’ll find it here.

2. Tell me a little about Buffalo Exchange's history. Where did it get started?

Buffalo Exchange started in Tucson! Founder, Kerstin Block, opened the first store with her husband, Spencer, in 1974. Kerstin came to Tucson from Sweden in 1960 to attend the University of Arizona. After spending some time in Tucson she decided to apply her love of fashion, thrift stores, and swap meets to opening a unique kind of clothing store where people could buy, sell, or trade used clothing. To their knowledge, Buffalo Exchange was the first store of its kind. The first Buffalo Exchange opened in a 450 square foot former union office on Warren near the University of Arizona. While the company has steadily grown over the years, Kerstin along with her daughter Rebecca, still own and run Buffalo Exchange out of Tucson.

3. What is the Buffalo Exchange trailer, exactly? Can you talk a little bit about the design?

In celebration of the company’s 40th Anniversary (Jan. 2014), Buffalo Exchange renovated a 1969 Airstream Land Yacht. The 25 foot vintage Airstream was stripped down to the aluminum shell and designed into a traveling boutique. Refurbished items found at flea markets and antique stores were used to furnish the traveling pop-up shop. The in-house maintenance team built custom shelves out of vintage suitcases, and display racks from a vintage bed spring and an old steamer trunk. Sprinkled within the trailer were mementos and images of the original stores and Buffalo Exchange Founders, Kerstin and Spencer Block. Buffalo Exchange commissioned a Portland tattoo artist, Allyson Bennett, to illustrate the graphics of the 40th Anniversary. Wrapped in spectacular fashion along the outside shell of the Airstream are designs of a girl and a buffalo, the official 40th Anniversary Tour logo, and many creative southwestern inspired elements.

All images: Sofia C. Huggins 

4. What special things does Buffalo Exchange have in store for TFW 2014?

Not only will Buffalo Exchange be presenting some fabulous vintage pieces on models, but the Airstream will be open with a display of some historical vintage pieces. Buffalo Exchange can’t wait to celebrate Tucson Fashion Week this year and looks forward to being a part of the launch party.

Don't miss the chance to check out Buffalo Exchange's incredible trailer and the beautiful vintage pieces they'll have on display. Buy your tickets to the TFW 2014 Launch Party at Connect Coworking here.

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