TFW It Girls: Model Makeover with Fringe Hair Studios

Aly and Eve, our TFW 2014 It Girls had their Model Makeovers at Fringe Hair Studios last Tuesday. We met the girls at Fringe and took some pictures of their "Before" looks. 

 Aly's vivacious curls were already to die for, and we'd fallen in love with Eve's fresh-faces beachy vibe. 

The stylists at Fringe did an amazing job enhancing the It Girls' natural beauty.

Colorist extraordinaire Natalia Puente gave Eve a subtle, sunkissed change. She highlighted random pieces of hair, especially around her face, going for that effortless Victoria Secret model look. She finished off with a clear shine gloss that left Eve's hair looking downright enviable.

For Aly, Natalia picked out a few pieces to create subtle ribbons of color throughout her vibrant curls. She also did a bit of ombre near the top and ends. Aly's hair came out looking both seamless and dimensional!

Stylist Kaylee Brown gave Eve some subtle layers for a little added lightness then used evo's Salty Dog sea salt spray and a 1-inch curling wand to curl 2-inch sections of hair into the perfect mermaid waves. She finished off with evo Haze, a texturizing powder that gave Eve some incredible volume.

A light trim was all that Aly's curls needed from some serious bounce. Kaylee exaggerated her part and used a diffuser after applying some evo Liquid Rollers, then finished of with some Bed Head After Party styling cream. Aly was left with her gorgeous signature curls looking more fresh than ever.

You can get your own amazing makeover at Fringe Hair Studios, the salon sponsor for Tucson Fashion Week 2014. 

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